Azoriana Blog
Azoriana Blog

Não sei se a saudade te abeira
Quando cantas São Jorge e a Terceira;
Duas das ilhas centrais, vizinhas
Que de imagens belas acarinhas.

Cantas todas, as nossas belas ilhas,
De verdes e de azuis, maravilhas,
Colorido único e constante
Que vai na lembrança do emigrante.

É bom saber que no Canadá
Se vislumbram os sonhos de cá:
Canta, canta, vizinho Azoriano,
"Ilhas de Bruma" blog soberano.

Benvindo ao mundo da Azoriana
Que inicia uma nova semana
Com a visão altiva de entrada
Da ilha esguia no mar deitada.

Rosa Silva ("Azoriana")

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Saturday, May 15, 2100

26 Abril 1951 - 13 Maio 2008
"Viverás para sempre nos nossos corações"
Descansa em paz

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Here's an idea that could make you a small fortune...

Hi azoreanno1.azorean-roots,

I'm not one to just go around and tell my friends random things� If you know me, then you know that I always like to make sure that I know what I'm talking about first.

This is why I waited so long before telling you what is in this email.

One of my closest friends works at a high tech medical firm. They discovered a very successful cure for a certain type of tumor.

For some odd reasons though, their share price crashed through the floor. It went from 2 bucks to like 10 cents over the last few weeks.

My buddy believes that this is due to people being misinformed regarding a new trump policy.

The reality is, the company I'm telling you about right now is about to get f d a approval in the next few weeks and their price is guaranteed to go up more than 15 times its current price.

This is why I think you should take a very close look at q's'm'g (without the apostrophes of course). This is the ticker of the company in question.

If you want something that's practically a sure bet, I recommend you get in this stock today. Even if it's for a modest amount.

You'll be in for a good ride.

Best Regards,
Eugenia Orr