Azoriana Blog
Azoriana Blog

Não sei se a saudade te abeira
Quando cantas São Jorge e a Terceira;
Duas das ilhas centrais, vizinhas
Que de imagens belas acarinhas.

Cantas todas, as nossas belas ilhas,
De verdes e de azuis, maravilhas,
Colorido único e constante
Que vai na lembrança do emigrante.

É bom saber que no Canadá
Se vislumbram os sonhos de cá:
Canta, canta, vizinho Azoriano,
"Ilhas de Bruma" blog soberano.

Benvindo ao mundo da Azoriana
Que inicia uma nova semana
Com a visão altiva de entrada
Da ilha esguia no mar deitada.

Rosa Silva ("Azoriana")

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Saturday, May 15, 2100

26 Abril 1951 - 13 Maio 2008
"Viverás para sempre nos nossos corações"
Descansa em paz

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This is your opportunity to get a 20 bagger in the market very fast

One of my closest buddies, who happens to be a banker, let me in on a little tip earlier on.

There's this really awesome small bio technology firm which has discovered something ground breaking,

and because of this unprecedented discovery they're about to be bought out for a little over 20 times their current value.

One of the most prominent large firms in America is about to make this news public.

When that happens, the small company's stock is going to virtually go up more than twenty three fold overnight.

Let me put this in perspective for you. It means that every 10 thousand bucks you put in this will turn into almost a quarter million when the news is out.

This guy has always been right so far. In fact if you remember, the tip I gave you last year� the one on which you made 15x in 2 weeks was from him. Yes, that's right.

So before I forget, here is the stock symbol.. It's the 1st letter of each of the following words: Quickly Super Mouse Green

I'm giving it to you in �code� in order to avoid potentially prying eyes, in case you are at the office, a cafe or something.

So with the first letter of each of these words, you've got your four letter symbol.

Input this in your online account to buy the stock or call your broker and give it to him and he will make the purchase for you.

One last thing, I don't know if I am the only one who knows this information so it's possible that the price will go up on other people buying,

but nonetheless if you can get in at under a buck twenty, I really recommend you jump on it as soon as physically possible.

Best Wishes,
Olive Blevins