Azoriana Blog
Azoriana Blog

Não sei se a saudade te abeira
Quando cantas São Jorge e a Terceira;
Duas das ilhas centrais, vizinhas
Que de imagens belas acarinhas.

Cantas todas, as nossas belas ilhas,
De verdes e de azuis, maravilhas,
Colorido único e constante
Que vai na lembrança do emigrante.

É bom saber que no Canadá
Se vislumbram os sonhos de cá:
Canta, canta, vizinho Azoriano,
"Ilhas de Bruma" blog soberano.

Benvindo ao mundo da Azoriana
Que inicia uma nova semana
Com a visão altiva de entrada
Da ilha esguia no mar deitada.

Rosa Silva ("Azoriana")

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Saturday, May 15, 2100

26 Abril 1951 - 13 Maio 2008
"Viverás para sempre nos nossos corações"
Descansa em paz

Friday, March 24, 2017

Allow me to share something profitable with you today.

If you're wondering why I'm emailing you now, out of the blue, after months of radio silence let me tell you that I have a good reason for that.

Do you remember the last time I sent you a tip? It was around November if I recall correctly.

If you bought that stock I told you about back then, you would've quadrupled your money at the very least.

Now here we are, a few months later and I've got something else to tell you about.

Basically if you remember, I've got a good acquaintance who works at a law firm in New York and when I took him out to a fancy steak dinner last Monday (with lots of wine) he became very talkative and let me in on a little tip.

This is what I want to share with you today. He essentially told me that some time mid next week, a small company called incapta (ticker: INCT) is going to announce that it's being acquired by a giant for a little over 1.30 a share (yes over a dollar thirty, and yes it's at just under 15 cents now)

He knows this because his law firm is the one that drafted all the paperwork for the deal and they are expected to finalize and sign the agreements today, with the official announcement coming some time between Tuesday and Thursday.

If you buy shares today, you are guaranteed to make approximately tenfold next week. The way it works is if you're holding the shares they will just take them out of your account automatically and credit you with the cash equivalent to 1.37 or so which you can take out whenever you want and spend on nice things.

Keep me in mind when you're rolling in it. I expect a big thank you and maybe a small gift!